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Forms and Contracts


Form #Description
CIBR 100Real Estate Purchase Contract
CIBR 101Commercial Letter of Intent
CIBR 102Non-Agricultural/Non-Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract
CIBR 103Vacant Residential Land/Lot Contract
CIBR 104REALTOR® Hold Harmless Agreement
CIBR 105Escalation Clause
CIBR 106Compensation Agreement - FSBO Seller
CIBR 110Sales Contract Counteroffer
CIBR 115Short Sale Addendum
CIBR 120Addendum to Sales Contract
CIBR 130Amendment to Real Estate Purchase Contract
CIBR 131COVID-19 Addendum
CIBR 195Addendum to Listing Agreement
CIBR 196MLS Exemption Form
CIBR 197Lock Box Addendum
CIBR 198Hold Harmless Agreement
CIBR 199Mutual Release
CIBR 200Contingency For Sale And/Or Closing of Buyer's Property
CIBR 203Waiver of Contingency
CIBR 205Kick-Out Notice
CIBR 210Contingency Removed Notice
CIBR 215Instructions for Preparation of Agreement for Deed
CIBR 225Deed Preparation
CIBR 230Back-Up Contract
CIBR 235Notice to Buyer Back-Up Contract is Now In Effect
CIBR 240Additional Contingencies
CIBR 290Pre-Closing Possession By Buyer Addendum
CIBR 300As-Is Condition Addendum
CIBR 310Residential Inspection Addendum
CIBR 320Repair Addendum
CIBR 325Attachment to Repair Addendum
CIBR 330Radon Inspection Addendum
CIBR 331Radon Repair Addendum
CIBR 340Well and Septice Inspection Addendum
CIBR 350-BTermite & Wood Destroying Insect - Inspection Addendum (Buyer Expense)
CIBR 350-STermite & Wood Destroying Insect - Inspection Addendum (Seller Expense)
CIBR 450Additional Disclosure
CIBR 500Final Walk-Through
CIBR 501-BConsent to Disseminate Data - Buyer
CIBR 501-SConsent to Disseminate Data - Seller
CIBR 657MLS Services Waiver
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